I AM AN ARTIST AND DESIGNER.  INTERSTITIAL SPACES AND TEMPORAL QUALITIES OF CITIES DRIVE MY DESIRE TO CREATE.  You will find me wandering the city in the places most people avoid. at the intersection where nature collides with the urban; serenity with the profane. This collision creates highly chaotic/textural landscapes between natural and urban landscapes alike. This is an evolving body of work which is driven by a deep knowledge of the built environment and sensitivity toward our eroding natural landscapes. It stands as a commentary toward the ways in which we utilize cities and often allow nature’s power to reclaim our creations.

I work primarily in photography and building design and have formal training in both. I am available for architectural photography services throughout the rocky mountain west. I studied at the rhode Island School of Design, Lawrence Tech University, and the University of Washington.

Overdue for an update with new work, this website will see significant edits and additions in the near future.